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Consider that chronic disease which affects most of us in the end, is the result of life-long dietary habits, creating a cell environment that is not conducive for best, long-term health.  Our goal at immunologic is to provide you with information to make it simple for you to grow old healthy.  And of course we cannot leave out the dental factor.  Please review our dental documents for information to help you make the right dental choice, the all-important component for brain and body health.

Where do you get your protein if you don't eat meat?

There are 2 kinds of protein.  1) Acid-forming protein from cow, chicken, pig, egg, milk, etc. 2) Alkaline-forming protein from plant foods such as barley grass, oat grass, wheat grass, green leafy vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, legumes, sprouts, and many superfoods like spirulina and hemp.  These are the best proteins that contain essential fatty acids for efficient protein metabolism.  Alkaline proteins contain chlorophyll to cleanse and build new blood.  Alkaline protein is easy to digest, deodorises the bowel and supports kidney, liver and lymph.  Alkaline proteins contain a broad range of amino acids with naturally bound minerals, enzymes and co-factors.  Alkaline proteins support optimal pH for best cell and blood oxygen concentration.

Acid forming protein (meat, chicken, etc.) lowers whole-body pH and cell oxygen, thickens blood, makes kidneys work harder, burdens the liver and lymph while putrefying in the bowel.  Animal protein sets the stage for heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and all the chronic illness witnessed in countries around the world where animal-based diets are consumed.  Chronic illness is compounded due to long-term deficiencies of essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, B-Complex, Essential Fatty Acids and real, proper (green) protein that contains high-quality amino acids.  Not found in meat of any kind.

The Dangers of Dairy

A common misconception is that pasteurized or raw cow’s milk provides calcium for healthy bones. However, studies around the world disagree with the notion of drinking milk for calcium. Cow’s milk promotes mucous and creates and ideal environment for ear infections and digestive stress in children and adults. A better option to avoid hormone, antibiotic, and super-toxin contaminated milk is to drink hemp, almond, oat and rice and coconut milk.  Avoid soy milk due to xeno-estrogens that block hormone receptors and GMO contamination.

Microwave Radiation & the Effects It Has on You

Microwave ovens should be removed from home and the workplace. Microwave ovens create heat by spinning the electrons of the food which damages the DNA.  Eating food with damaged DNA can damage human cell DNA, promoting abnormal cell growth (cancer). Food heated in a microwave is very difficult to digest, increasing immune burden.  

How Oil Can Be a Burden on Your Liver & Immune System

Many recipes suggest food be cooked in oil.  Heated, refined vegetable oils can significantly increase the burden on your liver and immune system and can alter cell membrane function. Raw coconut, olive, sesame, almond, avocado, flax and borage oils provide the best Essential fatty acids with a dominance of Omega 3 vs 6 to prevent inflammation. These raw oils taste excellent added to food just before eating.   People with blood sugar concerns may consider reducing "pourable" oils and rather get their EFA's by eating avocados, raw nuts, raw seeds, whole olives and raw coconut meat blended in smoothies. Cooked oils are more difficult to digest and present challenges to liver and gallbladder health.  Cooked oils thicken blood, reducing oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells of organ/gland systems.  Saute your vegetables in water instead oil, you will be amazed!  

Life is an Enzyme Process

All life systems depend on enzymes which are found only in raw or very slightly warmed food (never microwaved!)  Heated food requires more energy to digest, than the nutritional value gained.   Feel sleepy after meals?  Forget about calories if you are eating live, enzyme-rich food that naturally contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, chloroplyll and everything your body needs.  Get out your blender and your juice extractor and start a new lease on life with power-smoothies and delicious chlorophyll green drinks to cleanse and re-build your blood which also detoxifies the bowel, liver-gallbladder and kidney-lymph.  Experience super energy and sense of wellbeing by going green, which automatically contributes to normal alkaline pH for maximum oxygen concentration in the blood and cells.

Clive Buirski

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