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immunologic was founded because of my own health challenges beginning at age of 5 when I had the dysfunction of making kidney stones. Doctors always thought I had an appendix problem and eventually at age 21, a urologist decided to surgically widen the collecting tubules and reshape the pelvis of the right kidney to "better manage the flow of the stones".  Studying how kidney stones form, points to a diet that is deficient in magnesium and potassium with an excess of acid-forming protein (animal derived).  This is the same acid-forming diet that leads to all the common states of chronic disease most people end up with, in our modern world.

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 28.  More surgery...  removal of the right testicle, right adrenal gland and all the lymph nodes from under the arm to the navel.  It took me 3 1/2 months to walk un-assisted. Debilitative chronic fatigue set in.  Driving was dangerous as I would fall asleep behind the wheel very quickly.  I could talk for about 5 minutes before running out of steam.  I had trouble sleeping from the pain of the surgery for months.  My doctor told me there was nothing that could be done, which I accepted because of his medical authority and experience as a world-renown surgeon.  Then in 1991 I was introduced to a biochemist that understood the nutritional requirements for normal adrenal and thyroid function. Within 2 weeks of starting my new regimen I discovered that I could drive without falling asleep, exercise was easier, restful sleep came back and I was literally given a “new lease on life.”   Experiencing a spectacular turn-around in health after 6 years of dysfunction gave me the natural drive to educate myself in the field of clinical nutrition and dietary supplement manufacturing.  Here we are 31 years later 🙂

immunologic provides fundamentally important nutrients for children, athletes and seniors, made without excipients.  Nothing added.  Nothing taken out.  

Our Products Stay Fresh Longer Thanks to Miron Violet Glass™
immunologic uses Miron Violet Glass because it blocks the light band that damages nutrients. Plus the glass is a proper barrier for air compared to plastic.
Compared to brown, green, black and blue glass containers, Miron Violet glass provides the greatest protection. This allows you to store your Aloe Ferox products, special food items and powders for years without noticeable loss of potency. Miron Violet Glass science and test results here with food items.


Clive Buirski